Car Safety Inspection and Roadworthy Certification​

Ensure your safety on the road with professional car safety inspection and roadworthy certification services at Noosa Radiators. Our experienced technicians, commitment to compliance, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us the preferred choice for car safety inspections and roadworthy certifications in Noosa.

Safety Inspections

A safety certificate (commonly referred to as a roadworthy certificate) is a legal requirement if you want to sell or re-register a light vehicle in Queensland (a car, trailer, motorbike or caravan). It confirms that the vehicle meets a minimum safety standard.

This inspection covers the basic vehicle safety standards for many components including:

  • tyres
  • brakes
  • steering
  • suspension
  • body rust or damage
  • windscreen
  • lights.

Giving a safety certificate to the new owner

When you transfer registration of a vehicle, you must give a current safety certificate to the new owner. It is not the new owner’s obligation to obtain a safety certificate and you may be fined over $650 for failing to obtain and give a current safety certificate.

You can give the new owner either:

  • The original version of a handwritten certificate
  • A digital copy of an electronic safety certificate
  • The certificate number of an electronic safety certificate

The new owner will not be able to transfer the registration out of your name without a current safety certificate.

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