Car Electronic Diagnostics Noosa

As vehicles become more technologically sophisticated, identifying and resolving complex electronic issues requires cutting-edge diagnostic tools and expertise.

Our team of skilled technicians is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose electronic problems in your vehicle.

Electronic Diagnostics

At Noosa Radiators, we can help with auto electrical diagnosis and accessories for all vehicle makes and models.

If you are having any electrical problems in your vehicle we will be able to Scan and Diagnose with our up-to-date tools and experienced team of technicians:

  • Specialists in Engine Systems for all makes and models
  • Safety Lights
  • Running Rough
  • General Wiring
  • Car Starting Issues
  • Lighting

Some of the common issues we scam and diagnose and repair are:

  • Alternator, Starter Motor & Battery
  • Fuses, switches, relays, windscreen wiper systems, horn, electric windows
  • If your car just isn’t starting like it used to or is running a bit rough
  • It is crucial that your stop lights, indicators, fog & headlights all work. If you are having problems with any of these we can get them working again for you.

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